It's all about serving you and our community!

Hoke Overland for Enumclaw City Council

My background

My name is Hoke, if you haven't heard it before, it is of Norwegian descent.  It has been my privilege to have served you on city council for the last four years.  I'm the former Chief of Operations for King County Medic One (15 years). I attended the University of Washington Paramedicine program and served as a paramedic (21 years). I also owned and operated a successful small business and have some business education too.  

My wife and I live on Garfield Street. My three children attended Enumclaw schools K-12 and are now successful adults. Out of five grandchildren, two of them live on the Plateau.

I'm not new to serving; a number of years ago, I served on the Enumclaw School District Redistricting Committee and also as the Committee Chair of Boy Scout Troop 422. 

Many of you know me for being a no BS person and for calling it how I see it.  I try to be both professional and direct.

My top issues

I have three priorities for the next term: 

1. Public Safety (police and fire) have been a priority for me and will remain a priority. We need to be safe. I led the fight to add another police officer and I  will continue to present our public safety issues to the Chief and City Administrator. 

2. Parks will be a priority for me.  I supported our new parks plan, the hiring of a parks manager and will support parks in the 2018 budget. The city is doing better financially and it's time to invest in our kids and community. 

3. Downtown is doing much better. When I started on council we had 19 commercial vacancies on Cole and Griffin; today we have two and one of the two is not yet ready for lease. I have helped new businesses locate here. Community friendly tourism is the key to keeping our downtown vibrant (getting people who are already passing through to stop and spend a buck).

Stay small

I am against annexations. Annexations lead to new subdivisions and more homes. I have not voted for any annexation and will not vote for one in the future. I support our downtown plan and want to see a vibrant downtown for all to enjoy. 

I will work to maintain our small-town charm while improving the quality of life for families and seniors. 


Phone: 253.740.0288

My involvement and vision

I chair the Tourism Advisory Board as well as chair the Economic Development Committee. I also work hard to  represent the community by answering questions on Facebook and informing our community of issues.

I was one of the council members to lead the charge on getting our streets fixed. Many were repaired this year and that will continue for the next few years until all of our streets are in good repair. Along with supporting police by voting to restore our previously cut officer position and working to fill our downtown storefronts, I have fulfilled all of my first-term promises. 


Tourism is so important to our community; it supports our quality of life and adds a vibrancy to our downtown. We have worked hard over the last few years to bring community friendly tourism to Enumclaw and to fill our empty storefronts downtown. We are launching a new tourism website too. 

In closing, our community Is so important!

Please consider joining me in voting for Jan Molinaro (Mayor). I believe that Jan's experience assures Enumclaw's stability.

Last, I would like to thank Mayor Liz Reynolds for her rock solid leadership and dedicated service to our community.

We live in an outstanding community, let's continue our progress in rebuilding our downtown! 

Thank you for your consideration!